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FORUM POLICY Southern Illinois Cycling Forum - Official Forum Rules

Discussion in 'SICycling.com News and Information' started by Shawn Gossman, Sep 10, 2016.

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  1. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman SiCycling.com Founder Staff Member

    Southern Illinois Cycling Forum was created to provide a friendly and diverse online community where southern Illinoisans and friends can discuss bicycling and connect and network with one and other. That is our mission at Southern Illinois Cycling Forum – to provide a free place where cyclists can connect with other cyclists in a friendly atmosphere. We want our members to feel safe while using this forum. For that, we have created some simple community rules and guidelines for all members to follow. This policy helps you to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed on this forum. We offer this community to a diverse network of regional and local cyclists therefore some simple rules must be enforced in order for everyone to be able to enjoy our online community.

    We want you to be safe on this forum!
    We will remove content, disable member accounts and work with law enforcement in the event that we feel a person’s life is being threatened on Southern Illinois Cycling Forum. Learn more about our simple guidelines about being safe on this forum below:
    1. Threats of any nature is strictly prohibited on this forum. No one member should feel like their safety, reputation or privacy is at risk while using this online community.
    2. Discussion and/or promotion of self-injury and/or suicide is strictly prohibited on this forum. Allowing such content could encourage others to harm themselves if they are depressed. We will take appropriate actions to report these threats to proper agencies who deal with them if need be.
    3. The promotion or affiliation with criminal organization is strictly prohibited on this forum. This includes organizations and groups officially listed as terrorist, gang, drug or organized criminal groups per the United States of America. The promotion of illegal group activities is also prohibited.
    4. Bullying and Harassment is strictly prohibited on this forum. No one online should feel bullied or harassed. Cyber bullying is a real problem that must be stopped. We will stop it at all costs on Southern Illinois Cycling Forum.
    5. Attacking public figures is strictly prohibited on this forum. Per our rule against discussing/promoting political, religious and/or social controversial topics not related to cycling, we will not allow the attacks or opinionated discussions against public figures on this forum.
    6. Criminal activities are strictly prohibited on this forum. If you are an active felon (one who is currently committing a felony at will), a registered sex offender, a drug deal, an illegal drug user, a doping cyclist or a criminal in nature – you are not allowed to use this forum. We do not want criminals on our online community.
    7. Sexual misconduct and exploitation is strictly prohibited on this forum. Our forum is open to all members 13 years of age or older. Therefore, adult content not appropriate for members who are 13-17 years of age is not allowed on this forum. Any action or intent to harm and/or suggest the harm of a child is not allowed on this forum.
    8. Regulated goods sold on this forum is strictly prohibited on this forum. Any goods and/or products that are nationally regulated may not be sold, traded or bought on our forum classified section or any other area of the forum. This includes anything adult-rated, tobacco, alcoholic, firearms, ammunition, drugs of any kind (legal or illegal) and other regulated products and goods.

    We want members to be respectful on this forum!
    Members of this forum discuss topics and subjects that interest them the most. Opinions might often differ from your own. You must respect the fact that everyone may share an opinion that is different than your own and all parties must be courteous of one and others opinions on this forum. In order to balance the diversity of opinions on this forum and be fair to all members, we have created some important community guidelines below.
    1. Nudity and adult-rated content is strictly prohibited on this forum. Our members may be ages 13 years old and over, therefore, we cannot allow the discussions and/or transmission of content and media that includes sexual activities, pornographic materials, nudity, profanity and/or adult-rated in nature.
    2. Hate speech and/or promotion is strictly prohibited on this forum. We cannot allow the promotion and/or activity of hatefulness, bigotry and/or racism on this forum. Racism and hate is primitive and stops this country from fully innovating to a powerful level. Hate speech includes racism, bigotry and constant negatively.
    3. Graphic content and violence is strictly prohibited on this forum. This forum was created for members’ ages 13 years old and over. Therefore, in order to keep the forum appropriate for all members, we cannot allow graphic content and/or violent content that might not be suitable for minors.
    4. Children under the age of 13 are strictly prohibited on this forum. Southern Illinois Cycling Forum abides by the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and therefore requires that all members must be at least 13 years of age or older to participate in forum and/or website viewing and/or membership activities.

    We want to keep your account safe on this forum!
    You will notice that our forum uses SSL and comes with a security certificate. This encrypts your data when you use our forum and further protects your visits. We do this to help keep you safe on the forum. The following guidelines have been put into place to further protect your account on this forum.
    1. Multiple accounts creation is strictly prohibited on this forum. You may create one account and one account only for yourself. You may not share your account with others or buy/sell/trade accounts on this forum. Members of your household should create their own account as well even if you will both share the same IP Address. Accounts and content are not deleted on request due to structuring the message forum.
    2. Non-Human accounts are strictly prohibited on this forum. Any sort of automated and/or non-human accounts created on this forum is a direct violation of our official forum rules and guidelines. Creating accounts for your bikes, pets and other non-human entities is not allowed. Creating an account for commercial gain is not allowed.
    3. Joining this forum for commercial gain is strictly prohibited on this forum. Spamming is wrong and will not be tolerated. Member signatures cannot be seen by guests. Do not join this forum if you plan to join with advertising and/or commercial intent unless your business, products and/or services are directly related to cycling and/or the southern Illinois area. We welcome local advertisers and cycling advertisers but restrictions will apply.
    4. Fraud and impersonation is strictly prohibited on this forum. Members will not scam or conduct fraudulent activities on this forum under any circumstance. Impersonation of any kind, whether done with malicious intent or humorous objections is strictly prohibited.
    5. Copyright and trademark infringement is strictly prohibited on this forum. Please give credit where credit is due. Note that posting full articles is forbidden because of copyright laws. Article summaries, images, media and/or content that belongs to others MUST be credited no matter what.
    6. Harmful content is strictly prohibited on this forum. Posting, linking to and/or uploading and/or transmitting content, media, files and links to harmful content is not allowed. This includes viruses, malware, ransomware, Trojans, spyware and adware. Southern Illinois Cycling Forum will never enable advertisements that track your internet activities.

    Please Report Abuse and Spam!
    In practically every feature on our forum, you will notice a ‘report’ option. If you come across activity and/or content that doesn’t look right, please report it to us so that we can look into it. Even if it is not a violation, we still need to make sure. Your reports will help make this forum better for you and everyone else who uses it.

    Policy Last Updated: 9/11/2016
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
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